The SS19 is a miniature version of the SS9. The housing incorporates a special lens to optimise the optical performance of the unit. It is available set to GMT part-night switching or with automatic GMT/BST (DLS) switching.

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Dimensions and SpecificationDimensions and Specification

Electronic EM Relay Load Switching YES
Supply Voltage 50/60Hz AC 198-264, 50Hz only
Switching Differential 1:0.5 NEG
Maximum total load for discharge lighting (eg. HPS, MH) (watts) 500
Maximum total load for incandescent lighting (watts) / Maximum VA 1200
Switching Delay In Seconds 10
Power Consumption (watts) Less than 0.25
Sensor Type Photo IC
Sensor Drift Negligible
Fixing hole diameter 20mm
Max Operating Ambient Temp Range (ºC) -20/+75
IP Rating Installed IP65
VDR Voltage Supression YES
Additional Features Part Night to Off

Case study showcaseCase study showcase

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