A high performance product compatible with the Trojan and Titan ranges, providing solutions for even the most onerous cabling situations. Designed and constructed for mechanical strength, the Universal Extension Box for 3-phase large cables enables termination in standard tunnel terminals, brass studs for lug terminals or the brand new easy to cable terminal blocks. Its compact size is suitable for use in all column bases above 114mm diameter and it is easier, and therefore, faster to install.


  • Universal and compatible with Trojan2 midi isolators, Trojan maxi isolators and Titan cut-outs
  • Compact product size for use in all column bases above 114mm diameter
  • Isolated gland plate with 2 x 32mm cable entries via PVC conical grommets
  • Terminal blocks accept up to 25mm2 conductors
  • High performance
  • Fully recyclable plastic and metallic parts
  • New gland plate for 2 x BW/CW32 brass glands and earth stud
  • Rated operational voltage - 230VAC
  • Rated frequency - 50/60Hz
  • Rated continuous current - 25A
  • Maximum environment pollution - degree 3
  • Environmental conditions - -25°C to 40°C
  • IP rating (covers in place) - IP43
  • Recommended terminal torque settings - Ø 6mm standard screw = 2.25Nm, Ø 8mm IPC screw = 3.5 Nm
  • High impact - high temperature resistant plastics to meet BS7654

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Dimensions and SpecificationDimensions and Specification

Universal Extension Box For 3-Phase Large Cables
Height 180mm
Width 98mm
Depth 93mm
Weight 0.56kg