This latest addition to the Lucy family of pillars is based on a modular format where the cabinet width increases in increments of 100 or 150mm. Six popular sizes are offered with the same material and paint choices as the Fortress pillars. Alternative specification products can be obtained either from the list below or via the Sales Department if a bespoke item is required.


  • Long life solid stainless steel hinge blocks on all versions
  • Vandal resistant fully flush hinges
  • Two tri-head locks or Lucy wedge locks fitted as standard
  • Backboard made from 18mm treated exterior grade plywood
  • 'Danger' warning label fitted in door recess
  • Root section finished in bitumen enriched paint (not detachable)
  • Earth lead between pillar body and door
  • High quality UV resistant paint to an average thickness of 60 microns
  • Door seal to IP65
  • Ground level marked



  • Customer specification pre-wired solutions available
  • Other colours / labels available to special order
  • Optional G2A Highways Agency paint specification


Feeder pillar catalogue
Download the complete Power Distribution Enclosures catalogue - Pillar shells and in-ground feeder pillars

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Dimensions and SpecificationDimensions and Specification

Pillar size codeSL01SL02
Height (H) above ground 800 950
Root section (R) 300 300
Width (W) 250 350
Depth (D) 160 235
Door opening height (DH) 590 740
Door opening width (DW) 149 249
Working depth (WD) 106 181
Backboard size (WxH) 240x765 340x915
Weight (Kg) (3mm thickness) 21 29
Stock Code (3mm Galv) THM0011393 THM0011394
Pillar size codeSL03SL04
Height (H) above ground 1093 1100
Root section (R) 300 300
Width (W) 450 550
Depth (D) 260 275
Door opening height (DH) 740 840
Door opening width (DW) 349 449
Working depth (WD) 206 221
Backboard size (WxH) 440x915 540x1015
Weight (Kg) (3mm thickness) 39 38
Stock Code (3mm Galv) THM0011396 THM0011398
Pillar size codeSL05SL06
Height (H) above ground 1150 1150
Root section (R) 300 300
Width (W) 650 800
Depth (D) 300 325
Door opening height (DH) 940 940
Door opening width (DW) 549 699
Working depth (WD) 246 271
Backboard size (WxH) 640x1115 790x1115
Weight (Kg) (3mm thickness) 77 84
Stock Code (3mm Galv) THM0011400 THM0011402

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