A total of 9 sizes make up the Fortress Double Door pillar family. Retaining all the features of the single door variants, the double door pillars open up to give full access to the cabinet interior without the impedance of a central divider. As with the single door products, the mild steel double door types can be obtained in two panel thickness with a hot dip galvanised finish or hot dip galvanising followed by paint.


  • Long life solid stainless steel hinge blocks on all versions
  • Three vandal resistant fully flush hinges per door
  • Two Lucy wedge locks fitted as standard
  • Backboard made from 18mm treated exterior grade plywood
  • Detachable roof with lifting hooks on pillar body
  • 'Danger' warning label fitted in door recess
  • Detachable root section finished in bitumen enriched paint
  • Earth lead between pillar body and door
  • High quality UV resistant paint to an average thickness of 60 microns
  • Door seal to IP65


  • Customer specification pre-wired solutions available
  • Other colours / labels available to special order
  • Optional G2A Highways Agency paint specification


Feeder pillar catalogue
Download the Power Distribution Enclosures catalogue - Pillar shells and in-ground feeder pillars

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Dimensions and SpecificationDimensions and Specification

Pillar size code141618
Height Above Ground 1300 1300 1300
Root Section (R) 380 380 380
Width (W) 1250 1500 1750
Depth (D) 450 450 450
Door opening height (DH) 980 980 980
Door Opening Width (DW) 1148 1398 1648
Working depth (WD) 375 375 375
Backboard size (WxH) 1225x1085 1475x1085 1725x1085
Weight (Kg) (3mm thickness) 176 202 234
Stock Code (Galv) THM0024672 THM0024674 THM0024676
Stock Code (3mm Painted Grey) THM0024673 THM0024675 THM0024678

Pillar size code202224
Height Above Ground 1300 1600 1600
Root Section (R) 380 380 380
Width (W) 2000 1250 1500
Depth (D) 450 450 450
Door opening height (DH) 980 1280 1280
Door Opening Width (DW) 1898 1148 1398
Working depth (WD) 375 375 375
Backboard size (WxH) 1975x1085 1225x1385 1475x1385
Weight (Kg) (3mm thickness) 266 201 231
Stock Code (Galv) THM0024680 THM0024682 THM0024685
Stock Code (3mm Painted Grey) THM0024681 THM0024684 THM0024686

Pillar size code262830
Height Above Ground 1600 1600 1600
Root Section (R) 380 380 380
Width (W) 1750 2000 2250
Depth (D) 450 450 450
Door opening height (DH) 1280 1280 1280
Door Opening Width (DW) 1648 1898 2148
Working depth (WD) 375 375 375
Backboard size (WxH) 1725x1385 1975x1385 2225x1385
Weight (Kg) (3mm thickness) 269 305 343
Stock Code (Galv) THM0024687 THM0024689 THM0024691
Stock Code (3mm Painted Grey) THM0024688 THM0024690 THM0024692

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