As part of a major programme of new product development, Lucy Zodion Ltd, the street lighting specialist and leading supplier and manufacturer of state of the art street lighting equipment, has launched a unique new photocell.

The ZCELLLED photocell has been developed with cutting edge design features that are set to revolutionise the operation of LED street lighting.

The ultra low power NEMA ZCELLLED photocell offers significant cost savings. It has been developed to minimise maintenance, has a life span of more than 15 years and consumes 60% less energy than traditional photocells.

The ZCELLLED also features a microprocessor control system that enables the unit to identify and resolve issues and has been developed to the IP65 standard – giving the highest possible ingress protection.

With an immediate switch on capability of LED lanterns due to zero warm time, the ZCELLLED addresses one of the significant downsides to traditional photocell design.

Tom McFadden, Director of Product Development at Lucy Zodion explains, “This new ZCELLLED is quite simply the best product on the market. Lucy Zodion has been the first to develop a photocell that is optimised for LED lanterns reflecting our commitment to creating state of the art street lighting equipment.

“The ZCELLLED offers the lowest power consumption, highest power factor and highest ingress protection rating. It is the longest life photocell utilising a ‘top of the range’ photodiode for extremely accurate switching. However, we are not going to stop here – we have exciting plans in the pipeline for further developments on the ZCELLLED platform which will be announced later this year.”

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ZLED Ultra Low-Power Photocell