As part of a significant programme of ongoing NPD activity, this summer Lucy Zodion Ltd has launched six new products. Comprising the SLF2 – a street lighting cut-out, the unique Vizion DALI interface, the ZCell LED, the ZLED150 LED Driver, a 5/7 Pin Nema Compatible Photocell and a new Power Distribution Enclosure.

Detailed technical information about each product can be found by following the links below however if you have an enquiry about any of the new products or would like to speak to someone please do not hesitate to contact our sales team on +44 (0)1422 317337.

150W LED Driver DALI/Vizion

ZLED Ultra Low-Power Photocell


Equipped Power Distribution Enclosure

Vizion DALI Interface

ZBase 5/7 ANSI Compatible Photocells