Marking a new era of technical development for many businesses throughout the world, the year 2000 saw FKI Cableform also take a new approach to the traditional lighting products they were used to manufacturing. Moving into the development of completely electronic photocells, the company again proved its ability to innovate to meet the specifcation of developing technologies.

In 2001 the Lumo Lighting brand was offcially trademarked, which meant the entire caravan and commercial vehicle lighting product portfolio became branded under this name. With a brand equity of over 15 years, Lumo Lighting remains a leader in its feld to this day with a wide range of lighting solutions and accessories for caravans and commercial vehicles.

Zodion’s innovative new products were further enhanced in 2004 with the introduction of the SmartCell® and PFC correcting street side cabinets (UK trademark 2356411). This reinforced the company’s dedication to developing smart lighting solutions and confrmed FKI Cableform’s deep understanding of such technologies. By this point the company’s previous exploits in a number of markets had come to an end, with street and vehicle lighting respectively remaining as the most lucrative products manufactured and sold.


The SmartCell®

It was this strong standing in street lighting that influenced the company to re-name itself as Zodion, after the widely recognised range of photocell products. Zodion, a limited company, specialised (and still does) in the design and manufacture of street lighting products; retaining Lumo Lighting as a sister division and manufacturer of leisure and commercial vehicle lighting. Along with the rename, Zodion embarked on its most recent move (2004) to the current site of Zodion House, Station Road, Sowerby Bridge, where it stands today.

Zodion SLC Logo_286_#235CB4.jpg

The original Zodion logo

After the move, Zodion continued to focus on developing high-quality street lighting products, with an ever evolving range of photocells that meet changing requirements of performance, effciency and aesthetic design. From luminaires to power distribution products, Zodion’s product range was streamlined to encompass all electrical aspects of street lighting. 

zodion_house_low_res_entrance - 450pix.jpg

Zodion House, Station Road

This new site is where Lucy Zodion still stands today. Today, the company is in the process of completing an extension that gives it 100% more space to house more products and new staff, find out all about the company's most Recent History in the final part of our blog series...