Lucy Zodion Ltd, market leader in the development of street lighting infrastructure and smart city solutions, is pleased to sponsor ODI Leeds' IoT Showcase on Tuesday 24th April 2018; an event in conjunction with the Leeds Digital Festival. 


At the Showcase Lucy Zodion will explore the digitalisation of urban assets and the opportunities that open data brings. Cities are dynamic and diverse – they’re hubs of innovation and inclusion – they connect people and provide the tools to help build communities.  But in a world of continuous digital growth and endless IoT opportunity, how do urban spaces keep up to speed with the fast paced machine that is smart city development? The lamppost is a good place to start…

Digitalisation means that street lighting is evolving; from the function of lighting control, lamp posts can now guide the way beyond illumination and gather unique urban data, thanks to interoperable and secure communications systems. This is something Lucy Zodion is passionate about and has been working on a number of projects that encompass not only smart street lighting, but the actionable insights that can be gained from connected urban furniture. 

With the theme ‘Urban furniture – the city’s digital DNA’, Lucy Zodion welcomes discussion and ideas surrounding smart city development and the optimisation of existing urban infrastructure for quick adoption and improved citizen services. From streetlights themselves, to the applications that make them smarter, the event will provide insight into the way future cities will behave and interact with communities.

 Topics that Lucy Zodion will explore include:

  • Sense and sensibility
  • Data driven development
  • Open and secure spaces
  • Connecting communities and councils


Lucy Zodion’s aim is to unlock the potential of tomorrow’s cities with smart, responsive solutions. To show visitors how this can be done, the company will provide them with a demonstration of its Ki. CMS, that uses LoRaWAN for an open and secure digital dialogue. Open protocols are the key to future digital growth, with interoperability driving adoption; therefore the demo will highlight the benefits of open platforms and secure data exchange.

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The Ki. system unlocks opportunities for urban spaces, helping them to become more pro-active in their journey towards smarter and more responsive city development. From the fundamental function of street lighting management and control, to smart sensing and data gathering, Ki. holds the answer to energising future communities.

John Fox, Managing Director of Lucy Zodion, says: This event is the perfect platform for us to communicate our innovative approach to creating smarter communities. We’ve progressed from a street lighting manufacturer, into provider of intelligent solutions for responsive cities, which has given us great insight into the industry from both a hardware and software perspective.  Open-ness is what drives adoption and we hope our involvement at the Leeds Digital Festival will unlock opportunities for us to further collaborate and grow.” 

Lucy Zodion is confident that its involvement with ODI Leeds at the Leeds Digital Festival will be a positive step in helping to boost the development of smart cities, by way of collaboration and open idea exchange.

To find out more about Lucy Zodion's involvement in the IoT Showcase on 24th April 2018 and reserve a space, please head to the official eventbrite page  or head to Lucy Zodion’s news feed at