The enhanced Westminster range, what’s new?

Lucy Zodion recently introduced an enhanced version of the Westminster in-ground retractable power distribution pillar to its product portfolio. Being able to provide power on-demand within seconds, the Westminster carries many of the same attributes of the original, with enhanced, user-friendly features. 

What is the Westminster range?

The Westminster is an in-ground retractable pillar that offers power distribution almost instantly, once erected. Developed for use in various urban schemes, such as city centres, public areas and event spaces, the discreet solution means a temporary power supply is readily available and accessible for a number of requirements.

When connected, the tower is secure for prolonged outdoor use thanks to an IP67 rating and galvanised steel casing. When not in use, the tower is easily folded away and discreetly secured in-ground with lock and key fastening.

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So, what’s new?

With a dedication to product development, Lucy Zodion is always looking for ways to introduce new products or enhance existing solutions to ensure they exceed the expectations of the end-user. With the Westminster, certain aspects have been enhanced.

After a little research, we discovered that there were a few ways we could modify the existing Westminster product to ensure optimum satisfaction and simplified use was upheld. The latest enhancements include:

Modified lift assist at first lid to improve longevity and operation ease

Lift assist - first lid.jpg

The lid has been adapted to aid lifting; ensuring users are able to set-up the tower quickly with minimal effort. This optimises longevity and improves ease of use.

Lift assist added to tower for smoother and safer set-up

Tower lift assist - set up.jpg

With a number of sockets and solid casing, the Westminster range is made to be robust and secure. Its intricate workings mean the tower itself is heavy, so we’ve added a lift assist to the tower itself, too, so set-up is smooth, safe and speedy. This helps users gain access to the power supply even quicker!

Improved locking system for vibration resistance

Set Up-3 - small.jpg

Often installed in busy urban spaces, the Westminster often spends most of its time tucked away underneath areas of heavy foot traffic, which causes vibration. To ensure the Westminster remains in place, flush to the ground, we improved the locking system so it remains firmly in place.

Enhanced Tower latching with slam lock means quick and easy access

After Use-2 small (540).jpg

Aiming to make the Westminster as safe and easy to use as possible, we have also enhanced the tower latching system to ensure swift access. The added feature of the slam lock means that as soon as the tower is fully retracted and in place, it is automatically secured and ready for use.

Is that all?

No, the Westminster has a number of features that make it a suitable option for most city planners. It is:

-       Versatile

Suitable for use in a number of environments to meet various requirements, the Westminster range can not only provide power but data and metering information (optional extras).  It is available in two standard tub sizes; Type 1 with 2, 3 and 4 outlets, and Type 2 with 5 outlets. This makes the product versatile to meet a number of specifications, especially with additional of 6A / 32A 240V socket arrangement options and 110*/230/400V A.C. variants (with transformer).

-       Discreet

With a 50mm recess in the lid of every unit for surface matching, all products in the Westminster range discreetly blend into their surrounding environment with a flush top surface. This ensures sympathetic design, aiding city planning and assisting public access when not in use. 

-       Robust

Made from galvanised steel with stainless steel lock and hinges, the Westminster range is manufactured and tested in accordance with BS7671 and BSEN 61439 and has an IP67 rating.  Add to this, Stainless Steel anti-vermin construction and bolted panels, products are durable to withstand the wear and tear expected from prolonged use in urban environments.

-       Safe 

The flush top surface and adaptability for earth leakage makes the Westminster range suitable and safe for use in public environments. Each socket has individual RCBO protection and all components are fully earth bonded, making the Westminster a reliable and safe option for untrained users, as well as specialists. 

Where can it be used?

The Westminster can be used in a number of environments to provide temporary on-demand power via a variety of Single Phase Neutral (SPN) and Three Phase Neutral (TPN) socket arrangements. When not in use, the tower discreetly tucks away in the ground, creating a flush floor surface that matches surroundings and reduces trip risks. It is built for use in the following areas:

-       Shopping Centres

-       City Centres

-       Event Spaces

-       Airports and Stations

The Westminster range is available in a number of standard options for a quick and easy ordering process. For projects that require a more bespoke solution, Lucy Zodion’s specialist team of power distribution experts are on hand to provide assistance at all stages of design, build and delivery to guarantee the product meets specification requirements.

Find out more!

The Westminster range of in-ground power distribution pillars is now available to order. For more information or to discuss the many options available, please call 01422 317337 or email and we’ll be able to specify a solution that fits.

To learn more about the new, enhanced range, head over to our product page and download a Technical datasheet, here.