Lucy Zodion's most recent history reflects the company's continuous dedication to innovation and technology. This becomes evident when, in 2007, the product range saw a boost with the introduction of Central Management Systems (CMS). Helping local authorities control and manage streetlights to improve the effciency and effectiveness of urban  lighting, CMS is a popular solutions for those looking to reduce expendature and maintenance requirements. 

 Since its launch Vizion®, the CMS software, and accompanying hardware has been installed throughout many towns across the UK and beyond to create more intuitive lighting that enhances the quality of life for citizens; quite the step in technology since the frst photocell was developed over 50 years ago.


By 2011 the steady and proftable product range established by Zodion consisted of:

Photocells/ SmartCells®
Vizion® CMS, Collectors and nodes
Lumo Lighting products

ballast_node_led_lantern_25_street_lighting_vizion_1 copy.jpg

An outdoor luminaire with Vizion® Node

This saw interest from international company W. Lucy & Co Ltd. With a seemingly perfect product fit, Lucy Lighting (a division of the Group) was also experienced in switchgear and street lighting products. Eventually net assets were acquired and integrated with Lucy Lighting to become Lucy Zodion Ltd, the company we function as today. The acquisition meant additional street lighting and control products were incorporated into Lucy Zodion’s portfolio, these include:

Pillar shells and pre-wired pillars
In-ground pillars
Cut-outs/ isolators

Since the acquisition, Lucy Zodion Ltd, has expanded and is now known internationally throughout over 40 countries. Constantly on the pulse of new technologies and in tune with the latest industry developments, Lucy Zodion continues its dedication to the manufacture of innovative products that meet the needs of future cities.

In 2016, Lucy Zodion’s dedication was recognised with an industry award by the Highway Electrical Association (HEA). Lucy Zodion proudly received the award of Manufacturer of the Year, an apt accolade which marked the company’s 50th year in Photocell manufacturing.


The HEA Manufacturer of the Award

As the concept of Smart Cities evolves, so does Lucy Zodion’s understanding in Smart Lighting and connected streets. 2016 also saw the company introduce the Citi Horizons initiative to inform and engage with key sectors about the potential of smart street lighting and the many applications it can be used for. Devising key industry research into the barriers surrounding Smart City buy-in, Lucy Zodion has been able to qualify its knowledge and highlight the next steps required for the UK in its bid to become ‘smarter’.

Now reaching its 60th Anniversary (2017), Lucy Zodion is working to contribute to creating a connected future, not only by way of technology but in its approach to new product development; collaborating with industry partners to develop a solution that fixes common urban issues in a more intellegent and sentient way. Catch up with us over the coming weeks, where we explore how we fit into the connected space.