'Connected – Secure – Convenient’ is the motto of Light + Building 2018. The industry is preparing to present intelligent and networked solutions, future-oriented technologies and current design trends, which increase not only economic efficiency of buildings but also the comfort and safety and security of the users.


With a shift towards a more digital future, towns and cities are becoming more connected than ever before to facilitate tomorrow's smart technologies. Using hardware as an enabler, Lucy Zodion is in the unique position to help Local Authorities build more responsive cities by utilising the existing infrastructure of street lighting columns to create more intuitive, citizen centric solutions that enhance the quality of life for residents. 


Big data is a big deal. The advantage of a more connected and intuitive space, is that data is constantly being collected to help shape the way a city serves it citizens. Protecting this information and the way it is used is a vital consideration throughout the transition into a more responsive environment. Lucy Zodion's CMS solutions are built from the ground-up, using the latest encryption and data protection practices, to ensure vulnerable information is secure and safe. 


The biggest advantage of making a city smart, is that services become more convenient for citizens. However, when developing a smart city, convenience is also key when looking at the solutions that transform a city into a more responsive space. Lucy Zodion has identified the convenience of existing streetlighting infrastructure throughout cities, which offers abundant opportunites for digital enhancements. The ubiquitous and tall profile of streetlighting columns provide the perfect platform for integrated smart solutions. 

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