As part of our commitment to transparency across our business and employees, our vision, purpose and values are the cornerstone of how the company and our employees function. Ensuring all staff understand our core purpose, values and the underpinning vision of Lucy Zodion, we are able to work towards a shared goal with mutual respect and integrity. 

Our Vision

 “To have our products on every street around the world”


Our Purpose 

  • We work collaboratively and flexibly with customers and suppliers to provide innovative lighting products and services on streets around the world.
  • We provide a stimulating, empowering, supportive and rewarding environment for our employees.
  • We seek sustainable growth and a strong return on investment for our shareholders


Our Values


Lucy Zodion seeks growth & profitable work. In our dealings  with others, we are guided by the following values: 


We train and develop our people. We challenge them to improve, trust them to take accountability and support them with compassion


We innovate to meet market needs. We are knowledgeable, resourceful, positive, & exploit new technologies. 


We do the right thing, acting ethically every time. We treat the environment respectfully .


We work together to achieve mutual beneft. We listen to & respond to people’s needs, are pro-active & customer-focused, & build long-lasting relationships

Fairness & Respect

We treat all people fairly and with respect. We support each other and recognise people for their contribution to our success.