The Lucy Zodion Limited Quality Policy provides the approach necessary to ensure the requirements of  ISO 9001:2015, and any regulatory/statutory requirements, are achieved in full and are improved where possible to ensure that customer requirements are met in full
by the business.

Lucy Zodion's Quality Policy is to ensure high levels of customer satisfaction by:

  • The continued awareness of all members of the company (and other company stakeholders) of their own contribution to Quality, and their responsibility for it
  • Equipping staff with the tools, equipment and competencies necessary to achieve their objectives
  • The adoption of new standards, techniques, materials and technology as they become available and are required by the company and its customers
  • The continued development of the company through analysis and interpretation of Quality records, in order to monitor performance, detect trends, initiate action to prevent recurrence of problems, and take steps to prevent possible problems occurring
  • To facilitate and promote continuous improvement at all levels of the organisation through a clear understanding of business trends and customer needs


Please click on the link below to download a copy of our ISO900: 2015 certificate.